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GhostFriend - a Friendly Frontend for GhostScript

GhostFriend Frontend for GhostScript


GhostScript can convert PostScript and PDF to various other formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF. Wolfgang Glunz PStoEdit is an add-on to GhostScript that converts PostScript and PDF to vector formats like AutoCAD DXF and to WMF. Offering numerous options, these command line tools are very flexible, but not so easy to use. The popular GSView (or GhostView) GUI did n0t offer what I needed: a simple tool to process a bunch of PDF or PostScript files.

So I created this GUI, named GhostFriend (formerly "GoBatchGS"). The most important output formats are implemented, as well as the most important options, like resolution, JPEG quality, dithering and even the option to merge PDF output.


The latest version, made in C#,  supports both the 32- and the 64-bits version of GhostScript.

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To obtain GhostScript:
To obtain PStoEdit:

Wolfgang Reszel has translated the captions in GhostFriend to German. Here is the German version of GhostFriend. Note: This is the old Delphi version.


Here is my old version - then developed in Delphi.