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HPGL2 to DXF Converter

HPGL2 to DXF converter


This Windows tool converts HPGL and HPGL/2 to DXF. The program works ok, but I do not consider it a finished product. And I have no plans for significant further development as I believe that there is no big demand for this type of conversion. Imho its main use is in the case of a calamity when the original drawing file is lost, but a plot file is still available. Another reason why I hesitate to put efforts in further development is that an HPGL/2 plotfile contains a lot of "low level graphics"; this is ok for the print on paper, but the converted DWG will also contain these low level graphics, making basically simple objects complex. So this low level DWG will very probably need editing. Convert a plotfile, then zoom in on text, solids, circles a.s.o. in the converted drawing and you will understand what I mean... More info.

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