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PDF Cropper

Automatically remove white space around PDFs

PDF Cropper


Some large size PDF documents like CAD drawings or posters have excessive white space around the actual image, or around the intended drawing border. This occurs when the PDFs were created on a page size that was larger than the actual document. Printing of these PDF files is often problematic; when the output must be enlarged, the white space is enlarged as well. Besides it is often difficult to position the image on paper, or it simply costs more paper and means extra work afterwards for manual trimming and folding. This tool is based on iTextSharp and needs GhostScript to find the extents of the imaged area.


PDF Cropper offers these features:

  • Automatically crop multiple single- and multipage PDFs
  • Optionally crop all pages of multipage documents to the minimum common imaged size
  • Optionally keep some white space around the image '
  • Optionally crop to a standard page size (currently DIN-sizes)
  • Note that it does not crop the white space from raster images
  • Crop on the trimbox (if defined in the PDF)
  • Drag and drop

GhostScript and .NET 3.5 must be available (if this is not the case, install these first). Then unzip the .EXE file from the downloaded ZIP-archive; place it in a folder and create a shortcut to the executable. Click "Configure" to tell where the GhostScript binaries are (typically C:\Program Files\GS\GS9.0x\bin). Download

May 2013: Guillaume Revert translated PDFCrop to French. Here is that French version