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PDF Search and Extract

Extract pages from PDFs

Extract pages from PDFs


PDF Search and Extract is meant to extract pages from a PDF. It offers these features:

  • Search for a specified string and extract pages that contain that string
  • Enter regular expresions (RegEx) for advanced text searching
  • Extract pages by page numbers (various options: pagenumber, even, odd, range)
  • High speed text search. It takes less than a minute to search and extract pages from the Adobe PDF Reference (~ 1000 pages)
  • Handles Greek (and probably other languages)
  • New, Sept 2014: can make a copy of the input file without the pages containing the search text ("NOT" function)

To "install": unzip the files from the downloaded ZIP-archive; place them in a folder and create a shortcut to the PdfSearchExtract executable. This tool uses the iTextSharp library (this library is integrated in the tool). The program also uses "pdftotext" from the Xpdf toolbox ( to extract plain text from the input PDF; the needed file is included in the ZIP-archive, but please check the foolabs site for the latest updates. Note that .NET must be available on the PC. Download


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