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PDF Tiler

Divide (tile) a large size drawing/poster over multiple small pages

PDF Tiling Tool


PDF Tiler is meant to print large size (single page!) documents, like drawings and posters,  on a small size printer. It offers these features:

  • Automatically tile a PDF on multiple pages ("tiles")
  • Automatically find the most economic orientation of "tiles"
  • Optionally create an overview sheet with tile numbers, helpful for assembling
  • Optionally place marks
  • Optionally number tiles
  • Drag and drop
  • A single executable file - no setup needed

To "install": unzip the .EXE file from the downloaded ZIP-archive; place it in a folder and create a shortcut to the executable. This tool uses the iTextSharp library.Note that .NET 3.5 must be available on the PC. The current version may need some testing; comments welcome.


The simpler original version was written in Delphi.Net. It needs .NET 1.1. As the free Turbo Delphi that I used is a dead-end street, the version above (C#) will be the starting point for any further development.