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GoPlot Classic

The original GoPlot - simple and effective

GoPlot original (simple) version


GoPlot is a Windows tool that I made to send files to HP DesignJets and printers with a PostScript RIP. Note that GoPlot can be used with any printer/plotter; it just offers some extras for the mentioned printer families. GoPlot is very easy to use: select one or more plot-/printfiles with the built in browser, or drag and drop the files from the Windows explorer; build a list of files to be printed; add or remove files in the joblist before you print; specify how many copies you want of each; send the files to any of the printers that are installed on your system, connected to your PC or in your network. As it consists of just one executable file, installation means nothing more than that you place this file in a folder on your harddisk. Just like in the "old DOS days"!


GoPlot is also available in German (translated by Ben Senior)

GoPlot is also available in Spanish (Español)


Donate for GoPlot and support further development and more tools like this.... (suggestion: equivalent of 10 USD)