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Noli turbare circulos meos

Govert's Tools As Archimedes was drawing diagrams, with mind and eyes fixed on the ground, a soldier who had broken into the house in quest of loot, asked him who he was. Too much absorbed, Archimedes could not give his name but said, protecting the dust with his hands, "I beg you, don't disturb this" and was slaughtered. His blood confused the lines of his art.

Govert's Tools

The tools on this site are free, but a "thank you" is always welcome. I give them away as I want to learn from suggestions for improvement and I don't want to limit the use to the small circle (hey...! noli turbare...!) around myself. Another good reason is that many parts are based on free code from other helpful people.

I made these tools for my own use (and fun). You may use them at your own risk. You should not expect professional support (though I often respond to questions, especially when they are clear and challenging...).

Nobody is allowed to make money by selling my tools. Nobody has distribution rights, except people or organizations to whom I explicitly granted these rights. This site is the only place where you should be able to find my tools. Links to this site are welcome, but it is NOT allowed to provide direct links (hotlinks) to the files at this site.

Comments, suggestions, questions, bugreports, or any other relevant words that you want to say are welcome here. Some questions may have been answered in my FAQ.